pop pop, fizz fizz..

this text conversation actually happened with cam yesterday. I wanted to share the bubbly joy.

me: I decided I am fizzled with ****. (Name concealed to protect the guilty.)

cam: You personally are fizzled?

me: Yeah. I think my inner soda has gone flat.

cam: Did ***** possibly fill a new fizzy cup? (Name concealed to protect the innocent.)

me: Haha. Possibly. But I don’t wanna jump to any carbonated conclusions yet.

cam: Carbonated conclusions! Haha!



5 thoughts on “pop pop, fizz fizz..

  1. Wait… now the first comment disappeared! I may be loosing my mind.

    What it said was: “Haha, that convo was so us.”

    Maybe the first comment will come back… maybe it needs to be approved. who know’s. You’re getting lots of comments from me today.

  2. I love that while you are protecting their names…I knew exactly who you were talking about! Makes my heart smile!

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