so obviously desperate, so desperately obvious

SO! this is what has happened of note this week. in pictures!


Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, and Envy on the Coast came to town! and oh, what a fabulous night it was!
(My phone battery was so close to dead I didn’t get any pics of the opener, Envy on the Coast. sorry, boys.) Anberlin is on the left, TBS is on the right.

us in all our hardcore glory

us in all our hardcore glory

concert collage3look at the awesome arm sea. and the end result of the concert was us as super happy campers.

we even got extra entertainment from all the wasted people falling down the stairs next to us. both Cam and I decided we have NEVER seen so many people so completely toasted at a concert, and that is saying something considering we have basically lived at concerts for.. ever since we’ve been friends.


next event:
the hike!
we took a bee-yoo-tiful hike up by Snowbird. it was such a perfect day.. sunshine, light breeze, birds chirping, streams flowing, leg muscles working. it was fairly mellow and not too strenuous at all, but boy were our butts sore the next day!

the crew: Cam, Kodi, Erin, yours truly

the crew: Cam, Kodi, Erin, yours truly

the view... with special features, my shadow and Cam's bum.
the view… with special features, my shadow and Cam’s bum.

but I did leave with some battle wounds.. from Kodi dog freaking out in the car. it wasn’t even from the nature part. but it’s okay, because he loves me, AND we followed it up with a delicious lunch, courtesy of Cam’s mom (thanks Jan!) at the Davis something or other cafe. it was a great way to start off a Thursday.

I can’t believe May’s already over. is it just me, or is 2009 flying by?
and in other news, I LEAVE FOR HAWAII IN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I could NOT be more excited about it!

pop pop, fizz fizz..

this text conversation actually happened with cam yesterday. I wanted to share the bubbly joy.

me: I decided I am fizzled with ****. (Name concealed to protect the guilty.)

cam: You personally are fizzled?

me: Yeah. I think my inner soda has gone flat.

cam: Did ***** possibly fill a new fizzy cup? (Name concealed to protect the innocent.)

me: Haha. Possibly. But I don’t wanna jump to any carbonated conclusions yet.

cam: Carbonated conclusions! Haha!


lake POW!

well here I am.. back home on solid dry ground, no longer a Powell virgin. my skin is uber-bronzed. (just ask everyone. they’ll attest. I got called a freak of nature today at work.) but it was a wicked awesome week in Lake Powell! I had a blast. we stayed on a houseboat and it’s taken me till today to get rid of the sensation that the whole room is still rocking like a houseboat.  

everything went down, from water sports to swimming to cliff jumping to laying out on the houseboat ( just Jimmy Eat World and me) to dance parties to sightseeing to a disgusting poop geyser explosion on our houseboat while we were trying to pump it out. (I can’t describe the atrocity. just know it was awful.) and my neighbor, my young women leader all growing up told me she had been discussing it with my other former young women leader, and they decided that I look skinnier in a swimsuit than I do in “real life.” …… um. thanks? for the compliment/insult. apparently I shouldn’t be wearing clothes.

Picnik collageRainbow Bridge’s Angels.
Picnik collage6

Picnik collage2

Picnik collage4

 and the sucky part…
Picnik collage5

(I’m hesitant about posting part because it feels like embarrassing confession time. but.. here it is anyway.) remember how we talked about how I don’t know how to waterski? or wakeboard? well I still don’t. actually, that’s kind of not true.. because I was basically up on both of them, I just couldn’t stay up long enough to really get going. and at the end of the week, by the time I got super close to getting the hang of it, my forearms and hands were shot to you know where, and I could no longer legitimately hold onto the rope.
so the end result was me really frustrated. but maybe someday I will get it. do you think my future husband will still love me if I can’t waterski?

but all in all.. a FABULOUS week! I heart you, Lake Powell!

this is the part where you surrender

aight. so Cam tagged me + I’m stuck at work on a Friday night + I kinda wanna hit myself in the face with a 2×4 = THIS!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago

5 years ago.. 2004. ummm…
1. living it up at Utah State. around now I was wrapping up my crazy awesome shennanigan-filled freshman year.

2. summer and fall came.. working at Sam’s Club. yeah-yuh.

3. driving the Subie. R.I.P.

4. bein real dumb in the dating department. REAL. real. dumb.

5. chillin with Elsie and Amanda and Lori a lot.

5 Things on My To-Do-List

1. go to school again. (see last post.) except I’m bumping it up to this fall instead of spring.

2. go to New Zealand and Europe. and the DR. possibly even live in Europe on a study abroad. I’m thinkin England.

3. get a new car.

4. find another job.

5. learn how to waterski. how pathetic that I don’t know, right? but hopefully that travesty will be righted at Powell in like a week and a half.

5 Places I’ve Lived

 1. Sugarhouse, UT

2. Kaysville, UT

3. Logan, UT

4. Tampa, FL

5. Fort Myers, FL

(6. Bradenton, FL)

5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years

1. be a graphic artist

2. be married

3. prolly have a kid

4. be recording music

5. travel regularly.. see aforementioned travel list

5 People I Tag

mm… nah.