the good, the worst, and the fugly

so this morning.. I celebrated Earth Day even though I forgot it was Earth Day.  so Happy Earth Day. I went for a lovely hike with my friend Bret up Adams Canyon, especially so he could take some photos of the spring run-off. and it was so beautiful.. and springy.. and snowy.. and wet.. and dirty.. and lung-burning.. and awesome.

a ver..


the gorgeous falls.. and me with them. 🙂 they’re prettier in person. my camera phone only captures so much.


yes, Bret is IN the water for the sake of the photo op. our feet were SO wet.


and then I went from that..
to this:


I am about this excited to be at work right now. especially with the earful I just got from the ornery lady at the hospital in Vegas. everyone likes to shoot the messenger. and load Aubrey up with projects the second she walks in the door. (it isn’t my co-workers’ fault, however. it was just one of those days..)

two days ago, I was with bff Cambria at her free photoshoot that she won.. pretty much as her handler and dog wrangler. (Cam, I still have your lip gloss and doggie biscuits in my car, p.s.) and we were moving from one parking lot to somewhere else.. so the photographer and Cam both backed out, and drove (against the flow of the super dumb confusing parking lot, I found out later) out the exit, but my car was in a spot that made it impossible to back out that way, so I backed out the “right” way, unaware that it was one of those one-way-flowing parking lots where the exit was around the bend, as I saw no signage. and I went up to a place where there were a few simultaneous empty spots, and went in to flip around so I could drive out and follow them, checked over my left shoulder.. good..  looked over my right shoulder and began to back up.. and next thing I know..
and I see that I have hit a guy who snuck up on me from the left the exact second AFTER I checked over my left shoulder, only to stop directly behind me and perfectly position himself to be hit. wonderful. 
the car I was driving was okay, minus some marks left, but it’s an old P.O.S. anyway. (yeah ’93 Ford Escort. jealous? don’t be.) and his was a Nissan Sentra with a now significantly dented bumper. so pics were taken, info was exchanged.. calls were made, statements were given etc.. my insurance will cover it. he was nice enough to not call the cops. but who knows what happens to my monthly rate? I don’t yet. I hate ish like this.
SO. phone one week.. car the next..
what is the major electrical part of my life that’s going to be screwed over by my idiotic accidents next week? I guess we will see!

thank heavens I hadn’t bought a new car yet.
I still love spring.


One thought on “the good, the worst, and the fugly

  1. I feel a tinsy bit responsible for this! If you weren’t there to help me, you wouldn’t have been in that parking lot. Sorry. I’ll give Escy a hug next time I see him/her.

    Can I come on your next hike???

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