tell her what’s she’s won, Bob!

I should maybe stop acting before I consider consequences.. or just consider consequences more seriously.

remember the sunburn? or rather, the tanning bed bulb-burn?
now I’m peeling like a banana. and it’s gross. and you get to know that.. although you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at me, as, of course, my face got no color and my arms and legs look only slightly more tan.

remember my last poem that I posted?
I could be over-analyzing, but it feels like everything is rapidly deflating underneath me. and I wish I didn’t tell people things sometimes.

remember how this weekend was my birthday and a holiday?
well so does my caloric intake.. and my body’s pissed.
actually, I’m pissed at my body for liking it.

remember how I’m a shop-a-holic and I’ve bought new clothes like I was supporting the economy single-handedly lately?
well now I remember that I really want a new car and a trip to Europe and New Zealand and should probably be SAVING it. man. I am such a bad saver!
I am, however, debt free.. unlike my friend with whom I am currently having a text convo about his $15 Gs worth of debt. whoa. bess.
I suddenly feel a little bit better.

in other news… my birthday was AWES!!

  • Cam, Beau, Erica, Andee, Brian, and Camille are the bomb and all came to celebrate with me
  • I maybe watched a total of half an inning of the Bee’s Game we went to because I was distracted talking or dancing.. but it was so fun anyway
  • I found out that I got hotter for my birthday
    — sub category story time: as we are walking up to whatever the ballpark’s called now, I saw this guy I used to go to college with at USU who also lived in Bullen Hall on campus, where all the mayhem went down. we made eye contact, both did the freak-out-I-just-saw-someone-from-so-long ago thing and he gave me a big hug. so Cam, doing her best friend duty, runs up and says, “it’s her birthday today!!” and he goes, “really?! you’re going to the Bee’s Game on your birthday? see, THAT’s why we’re friends!” (we haven’t seen each other in like 5 years, minimum.) then another guy who also lived in the building with us was like, “Aubrey?!?” and I said hi to him too, and he said, “you look different.” so first guy chimes in, “she got hotter huh?!!!?”
    awkward. in a big circle of their friends. was that like a compliment and an insult all rolled into one? so I composedly laughed and said I did what I could, and then he told me to find him on facebook. too bad I don’t remember his real name except for the nickname everybody called him in college. woops. no dice.
  • I found my new favorite restaurant.. which would be Tepanyaki. holy. moly. I am in love. it’s this Japanese steakhouse where they cook in front of you and it blew my mind.
  • the chef made me feel like a performing seal, throwing probably six shrimp pieces at me and making me awkwardly gape after them with my mouth. (but I caught I think 4 out of 6. yusss.)
  • I got the coolest birthday candle. a stacked onion lit on fire that created a giant flame torch and that I had to try and blow out.
  • the night was peppered with amusing drunk people. there was the guy at the game who turned around to be a pervert while his wife condoned his actions when we made a joke about the player in front of us warming his arm up (yeah! work that arm!).. then his wife being overly chatty and trying to get Dominican players who didn’t speak English to give her a ball for her son. then there was the table next to us at Tepanyaki that was filled with a combo of 5 middle-aged ladies and 3 young budding alcoholics who played drinking games all night. to see the looks on the old woman’s face directly across from them at their table was priceless.. and even our waitress straight up said they were getting totally wasted and she didn’t exactly know what to do with them. but then they all drove home drunk, which irked me a lot. and we couldn’t get anybody to answer on any police numbers to report them.

I will probably come back and add pictures to this post. but as I am at work (it is totally dead tonight. my co-worker is napping with her head facedown on her desk), they are not handy.

happy Monday evening


4 thoughts on “tell her what’s she’s won, Bob!

  1. okay so i am oficially still in love with your blog….its my sanity reading everyday…i am so happy your birthday went nicely, nothing is ever fun without drunk people!!! hahaha…and i love the “she got hotter” thing…MEN??? or should i say BOYS??? cant live without them right…oh and yeah a trip to NZ is definately worth sacrificing your wardrobe for…but dont worry, i am in the same boat….debt free, however spend my money on clothes…oops – im not really debt free, as soon as i said that i remember those phone calls on the mission to BYU Hawaii regarding my financial block!!! hahahahahahaha

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