you see, what’s happening here is…

I’m working till 11pm for the second night in a row. and you know what else? I WOULD be working until 11pm tomorrow night, Friday night, if it weren’t for one detail that my supervisor was kind enough to understand about my life and the travesty working tomorrow night would be, and switched the schedule so I’d be back here 8 hours later instead. and that detail would be.. that I’m heading into my mid-twenties like some sort of bullet.
yes. you heard me right. in about 2 and a half hours I won’t be able to claim 23 any longer.. it’s 24 from here on out. and it sort of makes me feel like my stomach just bubbled to think about it.

I don’t know.. this could be a happy stomach bubble. all I know is that it’s there. and I’m unsure about how to combat it.

I just think to myself, “thank the stars that my grandma still doesn’t think I’m too old to send me grape flavored roll-on lip gloss and pink m&m’s in the mail for Easter,” and apply another coat. 
because all I’ve heard for days is, “Aubrey! you’re old!” or some variation thereon. curse you, Utah, for warping people’s normal age senses!

let’s talk about something else for a second.

my body hurts. like everywhere in the core region is burning. why? because I want skin cancer. give me skin cancer!!!! 
I hit up the tanning bed for the first time in 2 years in an attempt to build a post-mission base tan for Lake Powell next month (YES!) and my everything hates me for it right now. but just you wait.. my everything will love me when I’m basking on that house boat. but until that day.. my clothes are my current worst enemy.

also. I decided I still have a lot to learn about blogging. I don’t understand the jargon that the experts use.



6 thoughts on “you see, what’s happening here is…

  1. You don’t know me. But I am kind of sort of Cambria’s blogging friend. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. and I got sunburnt too.. and I am feeling the pain and… yeah. basically life sucks. but it will get better when I can wear a bra.. oh and pants.

  2. Ha ha ha ha! You totally crack me up, you old fart! I especially loved the grape lipgloss. I’m so sad I have boys. They totally got hosed… All we got were those little pill-looking things that you put in water and they turn into dinosaurs. I have to admit, though, they were a HUGE hit, and even I enjoyed watching the transformation… Ahhh… but lip gloss… and grape….

  3. I only called you old because I’M OLDER! Just you wait till 26 is staring you in the face. Then we’ll talk. But wait, when 26 is staring you in the face 28 will be staring me in the face and chances are I’ll still be un-married. Drat.

    Um… where were you going to inform me about Lake Powell? I didn’t think we kept secrets.

  4. Has Utah warped our age senses, or is everyone else’s age sense warped the other way? Didn’t women used to get married around 14-16 years old and start multiplying within a couple weeks?

  5. It’s SO true! My sister was talking about how our cousin is 30, and “only has ONE child! She’s getting too old to not have more kids!” I started laughing and told here that out here that’s when people are just getting started at that age and 30 isn’t old! Then I immediately started wondering what she thought of my 21-year-old kid-less-ness…Am I getting old too?!?! HAHA! Utah has completely warped the age senses! I love you!!!!

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