you make me merry, make me very very happy

these levels can only be described as.. remarkable.
and when I say levels, what I mean is chemistry;
and when I say chemistry,
               what I mean is
     the way somebody gets you like he wrote your owner’s manual,
     and he listens to every word with his mind on record, so it sinks deep and 
            he remembers,
     and he makes you feel like you’re so worth it, you forget why you’d ever
            think otherwise;
     and he makes you laugh your real laugh,
     and he gives you perspective when he makes you feel better while
            you walk through hell or just spill your milk.
     and you want him to know everything about you,
            and he wants to;
     and you’ve never felt connected like this,
     or felt like someone cared this much in this way,
     or watched someone put himself out there like he does
            for you;
     and you think he’s beautiful inside, and you want to show it outside,
            but you don’t know how.
     and the way he looks at you makes on-lookers’ knees weak,
     and he’s real all the time so you know you can be,
     and he talks about the future with you in it,
     and you realize it’s the first time you’ve ever actually been able to picture
             just that,
     whether it’s right or not.
but you don’t want to jump to conclusions. and you’re a little scared to even 
             think it
         –a little terrified of the possible letdown.
you just wish August here harder
            and hold out for Mondays.
don’t listen to them, and try not to psych yourself out.


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