ohh I wanna dance with somebody

my favorite quotes this week
(while getting hit on by a 20 year-old boy, 80’s dancing):
him “so are you going to school?”
me “I actually graduated.”
him “I mean college..”
me “so do I.”


“I feel like a weenie and a republican.”
-Cale Newhouse

my favorite picture this week:
hare-krishna1-boostedwith Cam at the Hare Krishna Festival of Colors. it’s chalk. I don’t have a skin disease and I didn’t just eat an entire jar of raspberry jam.



6 thoughts on “ohh I wanna dance with somebody

  1. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    okay. official revision:
    my other favorite quote of the week:
    what Cam said that Chewy originally said..
    “A chick crowd-surfed her crotch into my face! Gnarly.”

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