what. the. eff.

that is her? ….THAT is her?!?!?!


really???…. really.
please tell me he’s kidding.
she is not even… bah!

she wRiTeS lIkE tHiS.
and she is a gusher.

I’m trying not to swear in disbelief that this would really happen.
he does not realize his caliber. and my theory is: he has been starved so she looks like a feast.

and my work made me go get FOUR chunks of my hair cut out for a drug test today.

and my car battery died WHILE I was driving.

the upside? I found an adorable dress on a great sale. and shirt and a headband. and Sig is doing my hair tomorrow.
there are other upsides, but I am not writing them.


my virgin eyes just got desecrated by something revolting when I was trying to find this photo of kick ’em in the throat. I fear that image will never leave me.


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