my guy fast

so I’ve decided that I’m going to put myself on a week-long guy fast, and I’m posting this so I can publicly hold myself to my resolution.
why? because I’m pretty much sick of guys. I don’t want to deal with them. and I think a little break will be refreshing. (yes, this includes the guy from the elevator post about whom I’ve been questioned so much.)
and I will NOT turn into one of those cynical old Mormon spinsters who slump around with a bitter beer (or bitter hot chocolate) face and a spare tire and dimples in their arm fat and smell like they just made out with the Twilight Series pages in an I-hate-all-men-that-aren’t-Edward desperate frenzy. (I’m not even gonna talk about the insane anti-reality check that that series encourages right now.)
this is a preventative measure that is as much for your good as it is for mine.

my rules include:
absolutely no initiation of contact (phone/text, electronic, or otherwise) with non-family males for a week.
minimum response when necessary to contact initiated by them.

so until Monday.. goodbye, boys!


2 thoughts on “my guy fast

  1. Well, i would like to know how this guy fast went…and i would invite you to listen to a hilariously funny song called :I dont know what she said but i sure like the way that she said it – By Blaine Larsen….I love yoU!!!!

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