the brilliance of bored missionaries

wilnoaToday… I felt inspired to share some farewell poems that Hermana Nonoa and I received from some of the Elders of the Language Zone about 2 days before we were to end our missions. They wrote these before and during the Christmas Zone Conference.. and afterwards we had a poetry reading. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Kay’s Cross in New Zealand Poem

Wilkinson and Nonoa leaving us forever.
A few thoughts came that we thought would be clever,
of how you could stay with us and never leave.
Some of them you would not have believed.
Then lightning struck our brain,
and yet we felt no pain.
A thought was forced into our head
to send you off with a poem instead.
A poem of greatness, a poem of success.
All of our skills would be put to the test.
A poem of faith, of hope, of love,
a poem of undeniable help from above.
Of how to start the poem we did not know.
Maybe a simple hola or hello.
Our heads going through never before felt sensations.
Maybe a poem of hardcore lamentations.
With our energy depleting
and all senses fleeting.
With the commencement of the poem in sight,
and our brain losing the light.
It starts…from our hearts to thine.
It ends…you will be home in no time.
Have fun never seeing us again.
It was fun to have you with us. Don’t get married too quick because me and Nonoa are getting married. Too bad polygamy is frowned upon. Sorry Sister Wilk.

-Elder Tremblay.
(But Hofe read it for him in the reading.)

Tremblay's on the left.
(on the left)

Following which, we had Elder Folkner’s contribution:
No-No-No-a and The Wilkinator,
As inspired by Elder Tremblay, I wanted to write you a poem and give you a little advice.

Babies Suck

I bet you think that having a baby will fill you with glee,
But I assure you that there are many frights that you now can’t see.
I write to you to help you avoid unwanted remorse
from a tiny unexpected source.
A baby will bring you nothing but pain
and an extreme fight to keep yourself sane.
They poop, they puke, and they pee,
and all the way you’ll be missing me.
And as they scream in an indistinguishable tongue,
you’ll remember the poem that I have sung.
I just want to remind you that babies SUCK!
But I truly wish you the best of luck.
Here’s my advice, but I really have to run:
Babies really suck, but making them sure is fun.

(and the room erupted in laughter.)


(P.S. As background: Audrey Nonoa is my favorite mission companion, and I knew her from day 1 of the MTC until the very last day when we were traveling sisters together for an extra 9 days at the end. she’s from New Zealand.. hence the title of Elder Tremblay’s poem, combining Kaysville with NZ.
Also, the Language Zone is the only zone in the mission with all bilingual missionaries, and it’s where I spent the last 9 months of my mission. it’s the coolest zone. period. Elder Tremblay is a Haitian-Creole Missionary, and Elder Folkner is a Spanish Missionary, who was my last District Leader.)

And in other news…. today Bon Bon (a.k.a. Rachel Van Meeteren, my other awesome comp) gets home!!!!!!!!!


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