this is a stick up

I just sang and played Jack’s Mannequin at a student ward FHE talent show gig, and then went to Texas Roadhouse. I’m slightly buzzed. (on good vibes. not alcohol.) my fingers are spewing the bouncing thoughts in my head here, in the spewing place:

1. Tonight, I lived a miracle. It was the first time I can remember that I went out to eat, and made it through an entire meal withOUT somebody mentioning/making fun of/marvelling at/making another played out unoriginal comment or joke on the fact that, yes, I really do actually hate cheese.
(I’ll save you the trouble now:
–Yes, it is possible. Yes, I know we can no longer be friends, and that I officially hit the weird wall about 12 seconds ago. Yes, it really is every kind of cheese. Yes, I even eat pizza without it. No, I don’t think you’re funny when you ask me if I want your cheese.)
now that the “I hate cheese” post is taken care of.. the miracle may have been due to the fact that butter and grease and sugar were substituted for any spots where cheese may have otherwise been. and it wasn’t a strange meal to have cheeselessly.. which brings me to another point:

2. I love the Taco Bell Fresco Menu.

3. I am recently reveling in the latest nickname bestowed upon me by the one and only Elder Hofer, via email… Wilky Way.
fresh. original. thought-provoking. delicious. 

4. the photobooth function on Mac Computers makes everybody look good. I don’t care who you are.. you turn on that colored pencil or pop art effect, and you are suddenly a cover girl. or boy. now THAT is marketing.

5. I like how my computer speakers crackle every time my cell phone is about to go off.. like I can work up the anticipation for the awesome message or phone call I’m about to receive.

6. Na-na-now diva is a female version of a hustla.

7. I can’t decide if I like my hair swooshed all the way back like it is today or not. (I just stole this picture from Sigrid’s facebook right now. she posted it as I considered this. I utilized her incredibly quick picture posting. thanks Sig.) see, in this shot.. I look almost boy hair-ish.. which is clearly no dice. but in reality, it comes to a curled ponytail at the back. n742131214_2711577_986571-justme

8. I’ve had strange dreams more than usual lately. actually, that’s not true. my dreams are always strange.. they’re just more memorable this week.

9. What is a normal time frame to break the first post-mission kiss barrier? I think I might be a little behind the curve right now at over 2 mos.

10. Cambria was hired as my band manager today.



One thought on “this is a stick up

  1. I’m guilty for harassing you about cheese. I’m sorry.

    Your hair looks gorgeous pulled back. Sig agrees.

    I’m excited we made my managerial position official.

    ova-ova hustla.

    You rocked it last night.

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