the woot woot phenomenon

you’ve all heard it… or even just seen it written in the online and/or texting world… it is the phrase,
“woot woot.”
some years ago, a friend instant messaged me this phrase for the first time. I still do not know exactly how to pronounce it. if I say it the way it’s phonetically spelled, I feel like an idiot. I can’t help but think of a choo choo train every time.
where does it come from? is it a mixture of the “what!” gangsta phrase so well-utilized by Lil Jon and Jay Z with a “woo!” ecstatic cheer sound? …I don’t know. gave me an educational experience on this matter. some of the definitions found there are:

1. An expression of simplistic ecstasy

2. An expression one may utter in complete approval or joy.

3. Geek speak that is used when said user is happy.

4. A word used to describe the action of flashing someone
derived from a high school swimming carnival- where lip reading was a popular past time.
can also be used in conjunction with the movement of arms up and down in front of chest just like flashing someone

5. An exclamation of sheer joy and excitement that comes with recognition of doing, or knowing something that is out of the ordinary.

6. Another slang term for marijuana.

7. 1. A feeling one experiences while under the influence of marijuana.
2. A call for celebration before smoking marijuana.
3. A call for celebration after smoking marijuana.
4. A time when something really cool happens with your friends.

1. Woot woot man, woot woot.
2. Hey I got up for my classes today, WOOT WOOT!!
3. Woot woot to that bowl!
4. Remember that one time when the poptart flew from Heather’s hand and went to Matt’s hand while in the process the wrapper flew off to the floor, thus the poptart was conveniently unwrapped ready to eat in Matt’s hands, WOOT WOOT!
hmm. who knew it was so universal? I hope you all feel as enlightened as I do today.

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