My obscure internet fame

Upon innocently browsing the web.. I have recently discovered that I am “out there…” in ways I was either repressing with hopes to forget, had truly forgotten, or was unaware of.  So to continue the trend, I’m posting my fifteen famous minutes!
(It doesn’t add up to quite that much in total as of yet.. so I figure there may still be 12.5 minutes of more fame to come in my future… in order to fulfill the given fifteen minutes of fame allotted to everyone.  Although when I become a rockstar someday, I may unfortunately go way way over that and use up all the minutes of some poor hopefuls waiting for the swiveling spotlight to fall on them.)

FIRSTLY, the Tampa Tribune Article that I was interviewed for as a Mormon Missionary.  Yeah buddy!

Second.. A little surprising, but not so much exciting.. my old job still has me posted on the New Employees Section. (scroll toward the bottom.)
It has been 3 1/2 years since I was a new employee there, and I am obviously no longer working there.

Nextly.. this one will be much more exciting to you..
I am youtube famous!
Some of you may have seen this already, but my internet movie star fame may come as a shock to the rest.  The explanation: this was made for a contest related to wind energy promotion.  You can thank Chris Koch for this masterpiece.

The funniest part to me? The comments section… where they defend me for not being that bad. You can’t see that here, but go to this link if you like.

And lastly… I am one of 14 people, according to the United States Census, who is named my name.  I guess it could be worse. 

I hope you enjoyed your journey through my fame.  Thank you for coming.


4 thoughts on “My obscure internet fame

  1. I wanna read your quote, dang it!
    IDS is in denial. And wants you back.
    You ARE hotter then the first girl!
    I don’t exist either! Boo to the census.

    I should do a similar post and put up my bubbler video from channel 2. Ooooorrrrrr not.

  2. So I searched for my name on that census site and it didn’t find anything. Shouldn’t there be at least one entry for me? I’m confused

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