I’ve been sucked in

..to blog world.

having just recently returned from what turned out to be a 19-month, life-changing excursion I like to call a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the lovely Tampa, FL… I reemerged from obscurity only to discover that blogging and facebook appear to have taken over the world. I had the facebook part down, because I’ve always been known to jump ahead.. but the blogging part had only happened for me on occasion through the apparently now-forgotten-and-irrelevant myspace world.

SO! given that I am partial to this internet medium of self-expression.. I caved today. I knew it was too late when, as the days passed after my discovery that the world was blogging, I began to catch myself thinking in blog form. I was a goner.

my observations in the little blog-perusing I have done are as follows:

blogs are more interesting when they have pictures.. a video.. or come in short paragraphs, but when it hits about 50 pictures of one birthday event, my eyes start to roll back in my head.

married couples that have blogs together do not actually have blogs together. 9 times out of 10 it’s just the wife’s blog. especially if the background is pink and/or flowery with a playlist of david archuleta and a female folksy pop artist.

if a couple has one or more babies.. it is the babies’ blog. period.

this is clearly NOT an attempt to bash on these people. I love many of them dearly, and if that is what their life consists of, then that is exactly what they should blog about! 
but I must confess that I am not married, do not have a baby, and will probably not be manifesting the aformentioned characteristics here. so if you must have your fix of it, continue browsing.

this blog will be under construction indefinitely.. until I figure out what I’m doing, so, as they say on every good mall construction sign,
“pardon my progress.”

...for good measure.

...for good measure.


4 thoughts on “I’ve been sucked in

  1. Lol!!!!!! Yay! You have a blog which I will proceed to stalk. Muah ha ha. Sorry, I have yet to give into the blogging world…but when I do, I’ll let you know.

  2. I assume this is your baby then? Have you heard about childhood obesity? Maybe your pediatrician could give you more information.

    And if I by chance have just offended one of your dear cousins (or whomever this child really may belong to) you just might want to explain my nature to them.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!!! I LOVE this Aubrizzle! I’m so excited! And you are so right about the married thing, I have to bug Ty to write on ours, but occasionally he does it on his own haha!

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